Discovering Immunology Breakthroughs: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For Associate Scientist Jean-Michel, an interest in immunology came early. When he started his studies, he loved all things about the immune system. Understanding how the body creates a specific response for each pathogen made him realize that immunology was truly for him.

As a researcher at argenx, he thrives in an environment of co-creation. Besides conducting experiments and testing different theories, he gets to collaborate with patients. He recalls meeting patients on the job and having the opportunity to hear and learn from their experiences living with rare diseases.

You understand the need of the patient, they are waiting for us to deliver molecules. This gives me more strength to do my best because they are waiting for solutions.

After he hangs his white coat at the end of the day, Jean Michel gathers with a team of argenx employees outside our Belgium office. They like to go running to release the stress of the day and get some fresh air. This after-work activity draws some parallels with his life at argenx.

Joining argenx can be seen as a marathon. Each experiment that we are doing brings us closer to the finish line - which is to deliver a molecule to the patient.

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