Story of the Argonauts

The name argenx comes from the ancient myth of the Argonauts – one of the first stories on record recognizing the power of the team rather than one hero. The Argonauts set out in a small boat on a wide ocean on a mission to find the golden fleece. This was a seemingly impossible task but thanks to the collective effort of the team and the unique contribution of each individual, the Argonauts were able to achieve the unthinkable.

Similar to the Argonauts, the people of argenx are on a challenging quest that can be successfully navigated through the power of collaboration – the quest to engineer life-changing immunology solutions.

We are reaching patients through immunology innovation.

Environmental, Social and Governance

At argenx, our commitment to ESG is about measuring our progress as a business based on core components that will sustain us on our path to be an integrated, immunology company.




Our cultural pillars guide our business relationships and collaborations both within and beyond our walls.

We thrive on curiosity and trust in the power of the team to help us identify immunology breakthroughs. We are inspired by patients to translate these breakthroughs into medicines.

The resilience and hope of patients gives us purpose, empowering us to work with urgency because we know they are waiting.



Our Core Mission
We live to innovate - and do so at every step



We Create Through Collaboration
We trust in the power of the team and know that together we are better



We Share in Our Joint Purpose
Our people are our most valuable asset



We Have a Quality Culture
We want to do things right the first time and prioritize patient safety



The Heart of Our Organization
We want to handle successes and challenges gracefully and learn from both