arGEN-X opens new R&D facility in Flanders

Rotterdam, The Netherlands– arGEN-X BV, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of human antibodies using its proprietary SIMPLE Antibody™ platform, today announced that it has opened a new R&D subsidiary in Flanders – arGEN-X BVBA. The facility is supported by a €1.3 million grant from the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT) and is intended to become a center of excellence dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic antibodies based on arGEN-X’ SIMPLE Antibody™ platform.

The facility will operate under arGEN-X’ CSO Prof. Dr. Hans de Haard, and CDO Dr. Torsten Dreier, who have already attracted an experienced international core team of antibody discovery and development as well as project management experts. Among those recently appointed is Dr Michael Saunders, who has joined arGEN-X as Senior Director Targets & Programs, bringing important relevant experience from within GlaxoSmithKline in target identification and project management.

Under this leadership, the Company is in the process of building an international team of around 25 leading antibody scientists to be based at this facility.

*Prof. Dr. Hans de Haard, CSO of arGEN-X, commenting on this announcement said:* We have chosen to locate our R&D facility in what is the heart of the Benelux Biotech cluster and in a region with well-established infrastructure and expertise from which arGEN-X can draw. We are grateful to the Flemish government for providing a grant to help facilitate our move and are progressing towards building a world-leading antibody discovery and development capability. We are confident that we can create a center of excellence in Flanders, which will serve as a magnet to some of the best antibody talents globally who will be attracted by the clear potential of arGEN-X’ SIMPLE Antibody™ platform.