Case study: Efgartigimod

Efgartigimod (ARGX-113) was engineered based on the seminal research of Prof E. Sally Ward, Ph.D. while at UT Southwestern.

Prof. Sally Ward pioneered the research identifying the role of FcRn as a key receptor involved in the long persistence and tissue penetration of IgG antibodies in the human body.

In close collaboration with Prof. Ward, argenx designed efgartigimod to modulate normal FcRn function in a unique fashion.

Efgartigimod has shown encouraging results during proof-of-concept studies in three potential indications which are known to be IgG mediated: myasthenia gravis, immune thrombocytopenia and pemphigus vulgaris.

Efgartigimod is being investigated in a range of autoimmune indications where IgG antibodies are a mediator of disease.